The Children Of Mu has ratings and 5 reviews. Elif said: Kayıp Kıta Mu kitabında da olduğu gibi bu kitapta da daha çok fantastik düşünce yoğunluktayd. It was made in either Mu or in the Uighur Capital City over 20, years ago. THE CHILDREN OF MU BY JAMES CHURCHWARD AUTHOR OF “the lost. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only.

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Search the history jamrs over billion web pages on the Internet. Full text of ” The children of Mu, by James Churchward Digitized by the Internet Archive in https: One of the two oldest known bronzes in the world — a symbolical figure of Mu as the mistress and ruler of the whole earth.

The Children Of Mu by James Churchward

It was made in either Mu or in the Uighur Capital City over 20, years ago. The Origin of Man 15 II. Ancient Jamws America 27 IV. Stone Tablets from the Valley of Mexico The Greeks IX. The Western Lines XI.

Intimate Hours churrchward the Rishi ‘ V- ,’. The Key of Universal Movement The Dual Principle of the Creator The Land of Mu was a large continent situated in the Pacific Ocean between America and Asia, its center lying somewhat south of the equator.

Basing its area on the remains which are still above water, it would have been about six thousand miles from east to west, and about three thousand from north to south. All the rocky islands, indi- vidually and in groups, scattered over the Pacific Ocean were once part of the continent of Mu.

About twelve thousand years ago cataclysmic earthquakes rent Mu asunder. She became a fiery vortex, and the waters of the Pacific rushed in, making a watery grave for if vast civilization and sixty millions of people. Easter Island, Tahiti, Samoas, Cook, Tongas, Marshall, Gilbert, Caro- line, Marianas, Hawaii and the Marquesas are the pa- thetic fingers of that great land, standing today as sentinels to a silent grave. The existence of this great jmes is confirmed by: Naacal tablets, books, writings, inscriptions and legends found in India, China, Burma, Tibet and Cambodia.

Ancient Maya books, inscriptions, symbols and legends found in Yucatan and Central America. Remains, churchwafd, symbols and legends found among the Pacific Islands.

Stone tablets found in Mexico near Mexico City. Books of old Greek philosophers. Books and writings of the ancient Egyptians. Legends throughout the world. These confirmations are all given in The Lost Conti- nent of Mu.

There was once a large continent of land in the Pacific Ocean called the Land of Mu. On this great continent man made his advent on earth about two hundred thousand years ago. Both the Naacal and the Mexican tablets show clearly that man is a special creation.

They also show in what way he differs from all other creations. An account of the creation is given in both sets of tablets which is very similar to the Biblical account. She was at the end of two hundred thousand years of experi- ence and development.


We today cannot claim five hundred. The great civilizations of the old Oriental empires — India, Egypt, Babylonia, etc. They were her children, cchildren withered and died without hhe care. All tablets, inscriptions and writings which I used in The Lost Continent of Mu are accompanied by keys for reading them. Every assertion made is accompanied by reasonable proof. The facts are there. The theories will have to take care of themselves.

I am simply stating what I find in writings that run from 12, to 70, years ago if the mode of keeping time was correct. What is disclosed in these writings is chlidren, yet archaeology and geological phenomena corroborate the facts without calling to our aid legends which also confirm them.

Lao Tse, the Chinese sage B. The ancients were wise and thoughtful for chuldren who were to come after them. They left indestructible records written on clay and stone. These writings have been broken up and many of them lost. As jaems were universal among the ancients, scraps and fragments of them are found in all quarters of the earth.

For over fifty years I have been hunting these scraps and putting them together so as to form the beginning of an intelligent tale of the Creation and Man.

During the past few years I have been singularly for- tunate in finding two that are at least intimately connected with Mu. Both are symbolic figures in bronze.

The Uighur Capital City today lies under fifty feet of boulders, gravel and sand. It is, without question, one of the two oldest bronzes in existence. If Uighur, it is about 18, or 20, years old. If from Mu, the age cannot be estimated.

This figure is a symbol of Mu as the great ruler.

The fineness of the workmanship is not to be found sur- passed, and very seldom equaled in any of the prominent jewelry stores in our big cities today.

Both symbols have been in America for about years. I know their history, but the less said about it the better since, in the Oriental home from which they were taken, they were without question sacred relics.

The British Museum has three scepters which undoubt- edly were manufactured in Mu before she went down. Although they were physically easily differentiated, there were few variations in language, and these only of a minor character. A greater change is seen in their glyphs or writings.

In the Motherland each of her people occupied its own territory; and, when various tribes took part in the coloni- zation of a new country, they did not settle down indis- criminately, but each tribe took its own land and built its own cities as their fathers did in Mu.

They settled down adjoining each other and formed a homogeneous whole. Mu is pronounced Moo; A is pronounced ah; U is pronounced oo as in moon; Ta is pronounced tah; Tau is pronounced ta-oo. And as the isolation became greater, changes in language crept in.

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These emigrant children of Mu were called Mayas. All who left the Motherland in any direction were called Mayas. From these remains it is very clearly shown that two main directions of colonization were followed, with many branches from the main lines, and many independent short lines.

The two main direc- tions were east and west from Mu. The date of only one colony is to be found so far, the Maya Colony on the Nile Delta in Egypt, which was set- tled about 16, years ago.

Mu (lost continent)

We know definitely, how- ever, where the first colonies were started. In an easterly direction settlements were made on what are now the West Coasts of North and Central America. Westerly coloniza- tion first took place on the Eastern Coast of Asia.

A symbol was assigned for the colonies: When a colony had advanced far enough to govern itself under the suzerainty of the Motherland it was turned into a Colonial Empire, and a ruler appointed. Its symbol was the sun with rays rising on the horizon. There were probably two principal or main lines.

One of these has left behind it a blazed trail in the form of many records. It ran from Mu to Yucatan and Central America. From the west coast of America a branch ran down the west coast of South America, traceable as far as Chile.

Another branch ran to the north and east, ending in Scandinavian Europe. From Atlantis branches ran to southwestern Europe and northwestern Africa. Along the Mediterranean, branches were thrown out north and south.

The other Eastern Main Line has no records, only evi- dences and an ancient map. It started from the southwest of the Chutchward to South America. After passing through the Amazon Sea, it crossed to East Africa with probable calls along the southern shores childreb Atlantis for supplies. The colonists of this line were the black races, the Negroes and Negroids. They still have distant cousins in the Pacific occupying Melanesia the southwestern Pacific Islands.

In addition to the black line there was a white race known as the Caras or Carians who are the Churchqard today. There were three other very important Eastern Lines from Mu that went no farther than America: First, to about Nevada. Second, the Mexico Valley.

The canals mentioned above are still in existence but in a broken, wrecked condition. They are found on the top of the Andes Mountains near Lake Titicaca. North American Prehistoric Civilizations.

Children of Mu | Anomaly Archives

Single circles show one civilization only; two circles where two have been found, and three circles where three or more civili- sations can be seen. Remains of extremely ancient people are found from Alaska to Cape Horn. This I will take up later.