Iperf/Jperf How-to Guide. To use Jperf, you must have java and iperf installed. To start Jperf, first start the command window. (start→run→cmd). Go to the. Submenu. How The Lending Library Works · Explore The Lending Library · Store · About. You are here: Home / Resources / How to Guide on JPerf and IPerf. Jperf is actually a GUI front end to the iperf application. (Jperf is It has a jperf. bat file and a file; as I run jperf on a Linux host, I use the file. Running . Brute force and dictionary attacks: A guide for IT leaders.

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In my last post, I talked about using iperf to look at network performance. This post looks at using a close relation of iperf called jperf. Jperf is actually a GUI front end to the iperf application.

Jperf is downloadable from the sourceforge site. Jperf can be run as a server or as a client. One of the handy aspects of using jperf is that to run it, you click a button called “run iperf”.

Using jperf to check network performance

Jperf will then display the iperf command it is running in the background. In terms of transmission, it is less than the MTU of the card.


The Window size denotes how many packets can be sent before an acknowledgement is required. The Buffer length is the amount of traffic that can be queued for transmission. These three parameters can all be adjusted, depending on what you want to test.

There is a setting I have used for this run called “Num Connections”. This allows you to define how many connections are allowed to the server; here it is set to five. For this run, four actual connections were made. As manuap be seen, jperf draws and updates the graph as each transmission is received.

The output window below the graph provides the numbers used to draw the graph. This output can be saved if you want to use some other graphing program such as Libre Office Calc.

How to Guide on JPerf and IPerf | Wireless LAN Professionals

Again, the number of connections allowed is five. Here the output for bandwidth and jitter are shown. As can be seen in both the graphs, four connections were made to the server. This is because UDP does not acknowledge whether a frame is received or not. Hence, UDP will send out the frames as fast as it receives them.

Honeywell XYR301E User Manual: Jperf Application

The second graph shows the jitter, again for all four users. In this case the highest value for the jitter is around 2.


As for TCP, you can save the output as a text file. Jperf provides a handy GUI option for iperf. A nice feature is being able to re-use the iperf command line strings if you want to so some scripting for the purpose of monitoring, data gathering or testing.

Inside the Raspberry Pi: How jpert tractors, AI, and precision agriculture will save us from the impending food crisis. How IoT, robotics, and AI are tackling one of the biggest problems of the century. How digital farming is revolutionizing the future of food. Installing jperf is very simple; simply download and manuwl it to the directory you want to run it from.

It has a jperf. There are sections for application layer options and transport layer options. This post looks at the transport layer options. A few explanatory notes are in order to explain these parameters.

Figure B is the result of a run using the default TCP parameters. My Profile Log Out.