“A giddy invasion of stories–brilliant, enigmatic, troubling, outrageous, erotic, beautiful.” –The New York Times Book Review “So brilliant. The sacred literature of Hinduism is traditionally divided into two “families.” In the older of the two are the books of revelation, held in highest. In Ka Roberto Calasso has taken the sprawling body of classical Sanskrit literature and synthesized it into a kind of novel. Each of its fourteen chapters.

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Tim Parks Goodreads Author Translator.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? The author has changed certain stories so he can better make the story flow but the changes frustrated me and Claasso would stop reading for a few days only to pick it up back again. But in the end, what did they have to lose, given that their lives were so futile? The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony.

Nirvana, in other words. Roberto’s complex and erotic style of writing might not make the book a terrific page-turner.

Ka (Roberto Calasso) – book review

I assuaged my resulting feelings of being extra dumb by realizing it would be difficult for me, a mere mortal, to understand such matters anyway.


The war between the Pandavas and the Kauravas is a “knot” and the books that make up the Mahabharata are called parvans, “knots”just one of the innumerable stitches in the weave of everything with everything. This fire was tapas, the same caalsso that burned in the gods, and in the holy men.

The story of the Buddha’s awakening is a well-trodden path, and Calasso adds little that is new. Books by Roberto Calasso. roberho

And I’ve hardly hatched from my egg. We learn why Siva must carry his father’s skull, why snakes have forked tongues, and why, as part of a certain sacrifice, the king’s wife must copulate with a dead horse. Start reading Ka on your Kindle in bu a minute.

Mar 25, Namrata Jain rated it really liked it. Rating books on a 5 point scale is seldom easy, but this book takes the cake.

Ka: Stories of the Mind and Gods of India

What Calasso did with western classical mythology in The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony he also does with Indian mythology. Black snakes, knotted, separate, coiled, uncoiled. A part journey and a part myth Ka has stories within stories. Something that adds a new quality to thought: The secret thought of the horse is the narrative.

Nov 02, Pages.

The pronouncement ran contrary to everything the Devas had previously thought. When morning came, the queen returned to her feet.


Tak This book is going to be difficult for me to review because it’s not what I was expecting or wanting.


Fortunately, Calasso’s beautiful writing transcends my ignorance. There were flashes of brilliance that did sink in, and here they are.

Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone who already is familiar with Hindu myths and would like a new perspective on them, and is fine with a headache inducing writing style.

One thrust its branches upward, the other towards the ground. As if he realizes some may have diffuculty relating to the material, Calasso occasionally makes a comparison to western references.

With the same narrative fecundity and imaginative sympathy he brought to his acclaimed retelling of the Greek myths, Roberto Calasso plunges Western readers into the mind of ancient India. They were a sami and an asvattha. His perfect eye focused, to understand. Published November 2nd by Vintage first published September Almost like Alice in Wonderland, but less enthralling.