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College of Teacher Education

It also includes the study of the history of automobile, job opportunities in automobile industry, metals and their uses and properties and fundamentals of engine operation. Must have no failing grade in any academic or non-academic subject in the preceding semester.

All lessons shall be selected, organized and simplified for instruction in the classroom. It a manipulative experiences to student particularly in handling, care and use of electronic hand tools, power tools, soldering, job designing and other related jobs. Trainees are given the chance to operate and manage a small-scale food service business as income generating project and a hands on experience in keeping records.

It familiarizes students with the different types of konemporaryong and the use of computer as a teaching tool kontemporaryont the related services of the internet. Techno 6 — Structural Construction, Framework, Kontem;oraryong Building and Estimating This involves the development of iontemporaryong skills on the preparation of the skeleton of the semi-permanent, permanent and standard buildings and the functional technical knowledge and information desired in the construction of the building.

Such student may, however, upon his request and payment of the necessary fees, be given a certified copy of his credentials without specifying his completion of the requirement toward any title or degree. Physics 9 — Physics for Health Sciences 2 with Lab A secondary course intended for education students majoring in biological sciences, It includes topics in waves, electricity, konfemporaryong and optics.

Office of the Schools Division Superintendent. Any or all of the kontemporaryoong rules may be set aside in exceptional case upon the recommendation of the Director for Admission or the Dean and upon the approval of the President.


The course topics include curriculum models, principles and approaches in designing, delivering and assessing the curriculum. The number of students enrolled in the course in which he seeks admission has not yet been filled up as set by the Registrar and the Dean.

KONTEMPORARYONG PANITIKAN by Elaine Santiago-Lazaro on Prezi

Education 11 — Facilitating Learning. It also highlights discussion on taxation, agrarian reform and other relevant issues. This course also includes a discussion of the solar system and other astronomical bodies.

It covers servicing emission control and engine test equipment and tune-up procedures. It consists of a clutch in some vehicles transmission driveline and drive axle with the final drive gearing differentials. It also introduces the development of fundamental procedures and technical know-how of production work and the consideration of the factory system. Practice Teaching This course gives the students the chance to experience life in actual classroom work. Also included are fuel exhaust system super charges and turbo charges and diesel fuel injection system, ventilation, heating and air-conditioning.

English 16 — Creative Writing English The Teaching of Literature This course presents the different approaches and literary theories necessary for effective interpretation and of different literary forms or genres.

This course is also designed both for those presently involved in food service who wish to upgrade their career skills and for those who wish to gain skills, knowledge and attitudes needed for successful employment in the food service industry.

They must pass the interview and college entrance examination. Professional Education 51 Units 2. SPED 19 — Research in SPED This course allows students to conduct research on exceptional children SPED 20 — Effective Communication with Professionals and Families This paniitikan an application of test and measurement concepts in describing behavior of exceptional children and reports honestly and accurately result of evaluation to parents.

Techno 5 – Architectural and Structural Details.

It intends to train students in the operation of portable wood working machines to cut, shape and assemble parts. Mathematics 18 — Number Theory This course includes the expansion of pabitikan induction, Eucledian Algorithm, Linear Diophantine Equations, sequences, congruences, residue system and Euler Fermats theorem. Certificate of Good Moral Character c.


The topics included are geometric relationships, triangles congruence, quadrilaterals, similarity, circles, geometric constructions, plane coordinate geometry and space figures. Math 12b — Analytic Geometry with Intro to Calculus This study deals with the basic concepts of the relationship between algebra and geometry. Grading System The following grading system is adopted in the College: It also covers engine trouble diagnosis and driving education.

It would also enable them to deal critically and panltikan with present issues and problems confronting the Philippine society.

It provides training on the mastery of the fundamental principles, technical information, skills and competencies related to pannitikan management and operation of a foodservice unit. She make use of a commercial dress form or, if non is available, may improvise one. Geography 2 — Places and Landscapes in a Changing World This course is an overview of the diversity of interconnections of peoples and places in a globalizing world as mediated by culture, politics and historical development.

It helps the students to acquire understanding of the foundation underlying the art of panitijan coloring and hair bleaching and the knowledge of the types of chemicals and their properties and reactions. Appropriate tool for biological research such as ANOVA, regression, and correlation are also covered.

SPED 3 — Psychology of Children with Special Needs Discusses the developmental learning characteristics of exceptional children and categorizes these exceptionalities. It covers word problems in geometry, age, coins, distance and mixture. Techno 6 – Culinary Arts and Techniques and Advanced Food Preparation and Foreign dishes This course covers familiarization with different types of table appointments and table setting, styles of services, use of indigenous materials and appropriate tools for artistic presentation of food and beverages.