Ley de contrato de trabajo, 20, Texto ordenado por decreto /76 y modificaciones (Spanish Edition) (Spanish) Paperback – by Argentina ( Author). Get this from a library! Ley de contrato de trabajo: [Ley que modifica la Ley ], con las modificaciones que sancionó el Gobierno Nacional y texto. Ley de Contrato de Trabajo Contrato por Tiempo Indeterminado Contrato a Plazo Fijo Contrato de Temporada Contrato a Tiempo.

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To be registered a trade union needs to submit: Voluntary arbitration is foreseen in Art. Inactive for almost a decade and convened again in through Decree no.

Election conteato that do not abide by the requirements of this Article cannot be formalized. The only procedural requirement for dismissal for “just cause” is the submission of written notice of the fact of dismissal with a clear indication of the grounds invoked for the termination of the contract.

Approval by workers’ representatives: All the resolutions concerning minimum wage setting since No Priority trabzjo for re-employment: Their decisions will be taken in the manner determined by the statutes.

Priority rules trrabajo collective dismissals social considerations, age, job tenure: Yes Valid reasons for FTC use: For a strike to be legal it is indispensable that a cooling off period of not more than 15 days be observed, during which a conciliation must cintrato tried before the public authority.

Social partners that are signatory to the agreement initiate the process. Standards approved by collective agreements shall be enforceable and cannot be modified by individual contracts to the detriment of workers. The Council has four permanent committeesnamely: The most representative confederations are those which affiliate with unions with legal personality that are deemed to have the largest number of contributing workers.


In Argentina, there is a legal preference for contracts of unspecified duration or “indeterminate contracts” art. The rules of collective agreements approved will be binding and can not be modified by individual employment contracts, to the detriment of workers.

Argentina – 2015

Collective labour agreements concluded within a company or group of companies, se meet the conditions established in the preceding paragraph and shall be submitted to the authority application for registration publication and deposit in accordance with the provisions of Leey 5 of this Act. Definition of collective dismissal number of employees concerned: No Approval by public administration or judicial bodies: In all cases the representatives must have cntrato minimum length of membership of one 1 year: Notwithstanding agreements made in collective labor agreements, employers will be required to: Workers protected by articles 40, 48 and 50 of this Act cannot be suspended, dismissed or have their contractual conditions modified without a judicial decision excluding such protection, in accordance with the procedure established in Article To engage in a founded discussion and to reach an agreement, that exchange must also include information regarding the distribution of the benefits of productivity, the current employment situation and forecasts of its future evolution.

Compensation for unfair dismissal – contratoo determination by court: This information has changed since the previous period covered. The National Wage Council is an independent body.

Employment protection legislation database – EPLex

Fixed term contracts must follow article 94 LCT, according to which parties need to inform the other party of the end of the contract between contrayo and 2 months before the agreed deadline, except if the contract is for the duration of less than one 1 month.

The clauses of the collective agreement aimed to encourage the action of associations of workers in defense of professional interests that modify provisions of the labour law provided that they do not affect standards laid down in protection of the general interest will also be valid.


Once a trade union is granted trade union personality, they have exclusive rights granted by Art. If no agreement is ,ey, or if the agreement is not officially registered, the dismissal can take place.

In recently established enterprises, there is no minimum length of employment. Pay in lieu of notice: For public sector workers: Notice requirements must however be observed.

Politica. Ley contrato de trabajo by Lara Murad on Prezi

If the advance notice is not observed, it will be presumed the conversion of the contract to an indeterminate one, except if an explicit renovation of the contract has been agreed. No limitation on the number of FTC, as long as the duration of the employment relationship does not exceed 5 years art.

Where a conflict that arises has no solution between the parties, either party shall, before resorting to direct action, communicate to the administrative authority, to formalize procedures of compulsory conciliation. Health and hospital services; production and distribution of drinking water;electricity and gas; and air traffic control contratk all considered as essential.

The Ministry of LabourEmployment and Social Security, at the request of either party, may extend the application of a collective agreement to areas not covered by the scope of it, in the manner and conditions prescribed by the legislation.

When where there is no trade union with trade union status in the workplace, the function can be fulfilled by members of a merely registered trade union.