and the place of origin of the manuscripts are disputed, as are the questions whether or not the Liber diurnus was composed over several stages and w. The Liber Diurnus. by The Willard Preacher on June 12, The Roman Catholic Church says that its Pope has always been the infallible head over all of . LIBER DIURNUS ROMANORUM PONTIFICUM A book of formulas of the Roman Curia, among the most controversial of medieval sources. The time and place.

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A miscellaneous collection of ecclesiastical formularies used in the papal chancery until the eleventh century. It contains models of the important official documents usually prepared by the chancery ; particularly of letters and official libed in connexion with the death, the election, and the consecration of the pope ; the installation of newly elected bishops, especially of the suburbicarian bishops ; also models for the profession of faith, the conferring of the pallium on archbishops, for the granting of privileges and dispensations, the founding of monasteries, the confirmation of acts by which the Church acquired property, the establishment of private chapels, and in general for all the many decrees called for by dirunus extensive papal administration.

The collection is important both for the history of law and for church history, particularly for the history of the Roman Church.

The formularies and models set down are taken from earlier papal documents, especially those of Gelasius I and Gregory I This collection was certainly compiled in the chancery of the Roman Church, but probably a comparatively small number of the formularies contained in the extant manuscripts were included at first, the remainder being added from time to time.

There is no systematic arrangement of the formularies in the manuscripts. In its final form, as seen in the two existing manuscripts one codex in the Vatican Archives, and another, originally from Bobbio, in the Ambrosian Library at Milanthe Liber Diurnus dates back to the eighth century.

Liber Diurnus Romanorum Pontificum

Concerning the more exact determination of the date of its compilation, there is even a still great diversity of opinion. Garnier gives in his edition the year Zaccaria, in his “Dissertationes” P. Sickel, however in his “Prolegomena” and in his researches on the Liber Diurnus see belowhas shown that the work possesses by fiurnus means a uniform character.


He recognizes in it three divisions, the first of which he ascribes to the time of Honorius Ithe second to the end of the seventh century, and the third to the time of Hadrian I Friederich Sitzungsberichte der bayer. These investigations have established beyond doubt that the collection had already attained its present form towards the end of the eighth century, though no insignificant portion had been compiled during the seventh century.

The Liber Diurnus was used officially in the papal chancery until the eleventh century, after which time, as it no longer corresponded to the needs libet papal administration, it gave way to other collections. Twelfth century canonists, like Ivo of Chartres and Gratian, continued to use the Liber Diurnus, but subsequently it ceased to be consulted, and was finally completely forgotten. Lucas Holstenius was the first who undertook to edit the Liber Diurnus.

The reason for so doing was apparently formula lxxxiv, which contained the profession of faith of the newly elected pope, in which the latter recognized the Sixth General Council and its anathemas against Pope Honorius for his alleged Monothelism.

The edition of Holstenius was reprinted at Rome in ; but was again withdrawn in by papal authority, though in Benedict XIII permitted the issue of some copies. From the Clermont manuscript, diurnu has since disappeared, Garnier prepared a new edition of the Liber Diurnus Paris,but it is very inaccurate, and contains arbitrary alterations of the text.

Liber diurnus romanorum pontificum – Brill Reference

Mabillon issued a supplement to this edition of Garnier. The first good edition, as stated above, we owe to Eug. In the interest of this edition Daremberg and Renan compared Garnier’s text with the Vatican manuscript, then regarded as the only authentic one. From this manuscript Th. Just after the appearance of this work, however, Ceriani announced the discovery of a new manuscript, originally from Bobbio, in the Ambrosian Library at Milan ; towards the end this was more complete than the Vatican manuscript.


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Liber Diurnus Romanorum Pontificum – Encyclopedia

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Liber Diurnus Romanorum Pontificum – Encyclopedia

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