The public identifier starts with: ” -//W3C//DTD XHTML Transitional// “. The system identifier is not missing and the public identifier starts with. notes de cours sur HTML et liste des balises; un autre cours généraliste sur XHTML/CSS; généralités sur les CSS et exemple concret · tester vos attributs pour. 20 nov. Utiliser les balises spécifiques en XHTML: et (cf geoURL et Dublin Je vous renvoie au wiki de ce site pour avoir la liste des.

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Nothing happens if at any time any of the elements in the stack of open elements are moved to a new location in, or removed from, the Document tree. If the Document ‘s page showing flag is true, then abort this task i. Otherwise, if node is one of the element types in listterminate in a failure state.

Le langage HTML/Structure de base d’un document HTML

If it is not, add the attribute and its corresponding value to that element. When the user agent is to apply the rules for the ” initial ” insertion modethe user agent must handle the token as follows:.

Push ” in table ” onto the stack of template insertion modes so that it is the new current template insertion mode. Elements must not contain content that their content model disallows. If the stack of open elements does not have a tbodytheador tfoot element in table scopethis is a parse error ; ignore the token.

If the current node is not an HTML element with the same tag name as that of the token, then this is a parse error. If the second element on the stack of open elements is not a body element, if the stack of open elements has only one node on it, or if there is a template element on the stack of open elementsthen ignore the token. Some attributes are required to be followed by a space.


We can thus simplify the earlier example further: Let the old insertion point have the same value as the current insertion point. Pop elements from the stack of open elements stack until a td element or a th element has been popped from the stack.

This fixes the use of namespaced attributes, in particular lang attributes in the XML namespace. Of course, if the position of the comment does not matter, then the tag can be omitted, as if the comment had been moved to before the start tag in the first place. There are six different kinds of elements: Set the frameset-ok flag xthml “not ok”. Comment and character tokens have data. The end condition is that the user agent decides that nalises further bytes would not be efficient.

Insert an HTML element for a “head” dws tag token with no attributes.

HTML Elements Valid DOCTYPES

Create a new start tag token, set its tag name to the empty string. Parts marked fragment case in algorithms in the parser section are parts that only occur if the parser was created for the purposes of this algorithm.

Bytes or sequences of bytes in the original byte stream that did not conform to the Encoding specification e. Foreign elements must either have a start tag and an end tag, or a start tag that is marked as self-closing, in which case they must not have an end tag. This might cause some script to execute, which might cause new characters to be inserted into the tokenizerand might cause the tokenizer to output more tokens, resulting in a reentrant invocation of the parser.


Tree structures that do not roundtrip a serialize and reparse step can also be produced by the HTML parser itself, although such cases are typically non-conforming.

When the user agent is to apply the rules for the ” after dss ” insertion modethe user agent must handle the token as follows:. If the JavaScript execution context stack is empty, then perform a microtask checkpoint. Used on a MathML element, it becomes, after being adjustedan attribute with a prefix ” xlink ” and a local name ” href “.

It also prevents the script from executing until the end tag is seen. A word of caution.

Associate the DocumentType node with the Document object so that it is returned as the value of the doctype attribute of the Document object. Set the parser pause flag to true, and abort the processing of any nested invocations of the tokenizer, yielding control dfs to the caller.

Switch to the before attribute name state.

Initially, the head element pointer and the form element pointer are both null. Emit the comment token.

I. Tellier : enseignement

Extra constraints are placed on what is and xthml is not allowed in text based on where the text is to be put, as described in the other sections. Switch the insertion mode to ” in table “. Create a Comment node whose data attribute is set to data and whose node document is the same as that of the node in which the adjusted insertion location finds itself.