Nov. If you want to read the Lotus Quickr documentation offline you no longer need to install the IBM help system locally but you can also download. Product Description. IBM Lotus Quickr is team collaboration software. It allows you to connect to an IBM enterprise content management system. Create Custom Libraries to connect to Enterprise Content Management libraries from a Lotus Quickr place. You can then create new documents, edit existing.

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Connectors Properties for certain document types including for ECM repositories can be required. After you quidkr your initial LDAP user registry, database user registry, or custom user registry, you can add additional user registries to the repository to create a multiple user registry configuration. Each server running Lotus Quickr is installed as a node in a cell. Valid characters for user IDs include a-z, A-Z,and ‘-‘ dash’.

Currently, the import and export process can only be done by using the portal user interface, one template at a time. Click LTPA and provide values for the following fields: For example, if you are an international company with employees in Asia, Europe, USA, and Canada, you may have an application or information that only applies to a subset of these employees.

Display, clear, or dcumentation various statistics about all places on the server. In addition, the installation program sets certain properties in the wkplc.

Read the installation section for more information Information for installing Lotus Quickr is provided in the information center. If the following hostname is shown, you must correct the value.


Passive Credentials allow the retrieval dkcumentation stored secret data such as, but not limited to, user ID and password or certificates. You can choose to transfer a single domain or multiple domains. See the WebSphere Network Deployment library for information on migrating web server configurations.

IBM Lotus Quickr

documentatioh Understand how blog hits and visits are calculated and how you can modify the way each count is done. Also the administrator user ID cannot begin with a numeric character’-‘ dash’. Maintaining IBM Lotus Quickr for WebSphere Portal in a cluster typically means applying corrective service, which are fix packs and interim fixes, or updating the software release level on each node in the cluster.

Choose one of the following tasks to enable a production repository: Before applying any maintenance, analyze any impact to your users and ensure that you are able to provide uninterrupted service also referred to as 24×7 availabilityeven during the maintenance phase. The Lotus Quickr architecture allows each of these databases to exist in one or many instances.

To run the graphical installation program, use one of the following commands from the root directory of the Quick Start Setup CD: Every product name in the HTTP header field User-Agent of incoming requests is compared with each of the patterns specified for this parameter. Use the synchronization administrative commands provided for each application to synchronize user state and data between the IBM Lotus Connections applications databases and the corporate directory. The Property Extension, formerly known as the lookaside database, allows you to store additional user attributes into a database store without touching your backend user registry.

Information for installing Lotus Quickr is provided in the information center.

IBM Lotus Quickr – Wikipedia

Administrators can control what places are available in places catalog by clicking a Places Catalog Administration link at the bottom of Lotus Quickr. To prevent this from happening, the markup that is rendered on logout should explicitly clear the browser’s history cache, which typically requires browser-specific script coding, or display a message to close all browser windows documenhation logout.


Enter the following command.

Ensure the database you plan to use is supported by this version of Lotus Quickr. Release data are all portal content definitions, rules, and rights that are designed externally then xocumentation into the portal by a staging process, such as Page Hierarchy, available Quockr and Themes, Templates, Credential Slots, Personalization Rules, and Policies. User registry considerations A user registry or repository authenticates a user and retrieves information about users and groups to perform security-related functions, including authentication and authorization.

You cannot install two instances of the server at the same time, even in different directories.

Introducing IBM Lotus Quickr REST services

Values that you specify for the userAgentWhiteList or urlWhiteList properties come into effect only if all the following conditions apply: You must install each server completely before beginning the installation of the next one.

You must change the pzn property values in one of the exported files. Property extension database; formerly known as the lookaside database Choose this option to store additional attributes inside the VMM property extension instead of within the LDAP user registry.

DB2 Everyplace requires that names do not begin with a numeric character.