The guidance flange prosthesis helps in directing the deviating mandible to improve form and function. This case report describes a procedure. Mandibular Guide Flange Prosthesis Following Mandibular Resection: A Clinical Report. SHAILENDRA KUMAR SAHU*. MDS, Senior Lecturer, Dept. of. prosthesis.2 In a mandibular-based guidance prosthesis, the guide flange is attached to a mandibular removable partial denture (RPD) on the nonresected side.

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A textbook of oral pathology. Design of Guide Flange Prosthesis The guide flange provided a mechanical system which prevented the mandible from turning towards the resected side. JCDR is published bimonthly and the accepted articles were usually published in the next issue.

The location and extent of surgery, the effect of radiation therapy, the presence or absence of teeth and the psychological aspect[ 6 ]. Mandibulectomy with radical neck dissection increases this deviation.

JCDR – Mandibular guidance therapy, Guide flange prosthesis, hemimandibulectomy

Times Cited of This Article. At the same time the journal also caters for the high quality articles from specialty and super-specialty researchers. The GFP can be regarded as a training type of prosthesis. Rehabilitation is an essential phase of cancer care and should be considered from the time of diagnosis in a complete flane comprehensive treatment plan.

August 2, Article in press: Eur J Prosthodont Restor Dent ;1: During this initial healing period early prosthodontic intervention by mandibular guide flange and maxillary stabilization prosthesis serve the purpose of mandlbular the mandibular deviation, preventing extrusion flsnge the maxillary teeth and prostthesis the masticatory efficiency. I also feel that many of us have work of substance, newer ideas, adequate clinical materials but poor in medical writing and hesitation to submit the work and need help.

The retentive components were modified and incorporated into the prosthesis as a wire substructure. There is fast growing authorship and readership with JCDR as this can be judged by the number of articles published in it i e; in Feb of its first issue, it contained 5 articles only, and now in its recent volume published in Aprilit contained 67 manuscripts.


However the GFP can be extended as long as possible to improve the stability of the appliance as esthetics and comfort permits. Treatment of benign and malignant tumors may involve surgical resection of the mandible, which jandibular be segmental or hemisectioned.

This facility not only provides the prompt publications of the manuscripts but at the same time also early availability of the manuscripts for the readers.

In dlange above cases intermaxillary fixation was not done at the time of surgery and preoperative impressions were not made as they were referred only after surgery. Swallowing function in patients who underwent hemiglossectomy: Cantor R, Curtis TA.

On clinical examination, there was deviation of remaining mandible towards the resected site and also downward rotation of mandible. The residual mandible deviates medially and superiorly and it will be more or less evident, depending on the location and the extension of the resection, the amount of soft tissue and innervations which are involved and mandinular presence of the remaining natural teeth.

I faced occasional problems with the online manuscript submission Pre-publishing system, which have to be addressed. After insertion of the prosthesis, pdosthesis coincided and occlusion was achieved Figure 3. The maxillary framework mandibulsr of anteroposterior palatal strap and two Akers claps on right and left posterior teeth, respectively.

Cast partial denture for the resected segment Click here to view. As opposing teeth were present in the mandibular arch, the risk of supraeruption is nil. As the force of closure is increased, the remaining mandible rotates through the frontal plane.

Guide flange prosthesis for early management of reconstructed hemimandibulectomy: a case report

Extraoral view of the deviated mandible Click here to view. I appreciate the Editor, Dr.

If the patient can achieve optimum occlusion and normal function without the help of the guide flange, it should be reduced in steps, and the prosthesis can be used as a cast partial denture. It’s wide scope welcomes articles across various specialities in medicine. Extraoral examination showed facial asymmetry with mandibular deviation to the right side. Prosthesis during mandibular movements, C: Case series of three patients. How to cite this URL: Preoperative history and examination revealed that the patient was diagnosed with a follicular ameloblastoma involving the left side of the mandible.


Write to the Help Desk. Find articles by Pravinkumar Gajanan Patil. It is well said that “happy beginning is half done” and it fits perfectly with JCDR.

Guideline for GF is listed in Table 1. As a general rule, the resection of a portion of a mandible without loss of mandibular continuity is not as debilitating as a resection that compromises the mandibular continuity. While holding mandible in position, the patient should open the mouth as wide as possible to stretch the musculature at the resection site[ 14 ]. In patients who have undergone mandibular resection, the remaining mandibular segment will retrude and deviate towards the surgical side, at the vertical dimension of rest.

Prosthodontics and Surgical Consideration.

Guide flange prosthesis for early management of reconstructed hemimandibulectomy: a case report

However, the most prevalent indication that requires mandinular resection of the mandible along with the involved adjacent oral structures is the presence of a locally aggressive neoplastic growth. The patients had pain only due to scar contractures and deviation leading to pain on mandibular movements.

J Maxillofac Oral Surg ; 8: Carol Stream, IL, Quintessence,p. Frequent follow-ups are mandatory and it should be noted whether continuous wear would help the patient to improve further in achieving proper centric occlusion without guiding flange and whether she would be able to retain that ability once the guiding flange is discontinued. If intervention with the GF was not done at this time, the deviation would worsen on healing process and scar formation.